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Lead Generation: What is it & Why it matters. [Social Media Lead Generation]

Lead Generation is a process that builds visibility, credibility, trust, and interest from a specific group of people. These groups of people would then be considered your “potential leads”. By focusing on Lead Generation you help your business grow by driving traffic from high-quality prospects. With high-quality prospects, come high-value clients. But why does it matter?

Never a “One Size fits All” method to Lead Gen

Set your marketing budget to make the most of your lead gen budget by deciding what platforms work best for your business. There is no “perfect” answer on what advertising method will work best for your business. It is a process, which takes time and adjustment of ad content to reach your target audience. At Gin & Coffee, we will work with you to help talk you through the benefits of each platform and which might work best for your business.

Platforms & Methods to Start Generating Leads

The more qualified leads your business can generate, the better. The more sources leads generate from, the better. It is a combination of Quality as well as Quantity. There are a few places leads can generate from:

  • Paid Advertising (Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads)

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

Combining outlets can lead to greater leads. Brainstorm what your perfect client is to you. Age, Gender, Lifestyle, Hobbies, and Location are just some of the categories you can use to narrow down your target audience to market to generate qualified leads. We busted some common myths about digital marketing proving these methods can and do work.

Eliminate or Reduce Cold-Calling

Using targeted ads and marketing campaigns mean leads come directly to you. Lead gen allows your team to do what they do best, their jobs. Staff members will now be speaking directly to someone who already has an interest in your service, half of their job is done for them, they just need to answer any lingering concerns someone may have before signing up or making an appointment.

When it comes to lead generation, it is a constant learning and growing process. The only rule is “try it”. We work with our clients to grow their lead sources to generate new clients. One client has seen over $75k additional growth in just lead generation alone in the first 90 days of our services. What’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Looking to build your potential leads? Contact us!

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