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Do Chiropractors NEED to use Social Media? YES!

If you only have a website, you only have one piece of a much larger puzzle and you’re missing the remaining pieces! It’s a great start, but only having a website is not enough in today's world. Successful practices are all over social media making their practice and brand known. Let’s take a look at what you’re missing out on.

Build your Practice, Gain Patients!

Social media is an accessible, user-friendly space to build your practice’s brand awareness and build a community around your practice. Engaging in online social spaces with your patients builds stronger relationships outside the office and builds trust in your staff and doctors. Media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube each bring a different audience and a different experience to the users. Don’t limit yourself to only one media outlet, explore using them all!

Build a Community for your Patients

Building brand awareness on different platforms creates a bigger community for your practice. One age group might prefer Facebook, another TikTok, and another only uses YouTube. Being on several platforms with the same brand consistency is critical. Need help on where to start? Working with a chiropractic digital marketing agency can help!

What to Post Where

Each platform provides a different user experience and allows your practice to be seen by a wider, much more diverse audience.


  • Host a video Q&A

  • Offer advice on common misconceptions about chiropractic care

  • Engage with patients by asking questions

Facebook is one of the original places to be seen on social media. You can create a business page for your practice and use it similarly to your webpage. Post hours, contact information, and engage with your patients.


  • Post a video of a patient session (with approval, of course)

  • Post helpful at-home tips

  • Include hashtags to join larger conversations

Instagram has become an outlet where it is not just about posting a photo of what you had for lunch today. Create Reels (mini videos) to share information, post fun facts, or just show silly office shenanigans. Some common hashtags to use:

#chiropractic #chiropractor #wellness #health #backpain #chiropracticadjustment #getadjusted #neckpain #chiro #physicaltherapy #chiropracticworks #adjustment #chiropracticcare #spine #physiotherapy #massage #healthylifestyle #fitness #chiropractors #acupuncture #lowbackpain #massagetherapy #rehab #subluxation #posture #chiropractichealth #painrelief #personalinjury


  • Videos of patient sessions (with approval, of course)

  • Helpful tips on avoiding back & neck pain

  • Debunk myths of chiropractic care

TikTok is a hugely growing platform with demographics all over the place. From young to old, it is quickly becoming the place to be for everyone. Create 15-second to 3-minute videos to share information about common back & neck concerns, duet videos with other creators, or do the latest trending TikTok dance with your office staff and go viral.


  • Longer informative videos of chiropractic services

  • Create videos of special cases or conditions that can be treated w/chiropratic care

  • Compilation videos of your Instagram Reels or TikTok videos

YouTube is the place for educational videos. It’s a source of reviews, explanations, silly videos, how-to’s, and more. It is a fantastic resource for chiropractors to engage with their patients at home. Create videos for stretching that can be done in the comfort of the patient’s home for in-between visits.

The potential for growing your practice and making your brand known is endless when you combine purposeful content with proven strategies that we can help set up with you. Chiropractic marketing companies can help your practice be known and seen.

What’s stopping you? Contact us to get started today!

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