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Digital Marketing & You, the Perfect Relationship

You need to advertise to sell your product or service, whether you have been in business for 20 years or 2 days. Digital Marketing can be a gateway to a larger audience and that means higher profits and a larger client base. Still not sure just how important digital marketing can be to your business? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why it’s so important.

Cost-Effective & Targeted Marketing

Any form of marketing is going to be an expense, but what if you could completely customize your marketing budget to target exactly who you see as your potential customers? With digital marketing, you can do exactly that. Once your ad campaign goes live, you can adjust in real-time who is seeing your ads. You could run a $5 ad and reach hundreds of people in seconds or spend thousands of dollars and reach a few people over months. Narrow down to age groups, genders, by hobbies, lifestyles…and more to make sure your ad is reaching your target audience in a cost-effective way.

Multiple Formats of Outreach

Did you know that 84% of Americans use their mobile devices daily? Through various forms of internet marketing, you can be reaching out to a broader audience. Be creative! Don’t stick to just one form of ad format. Try running social media ads on different platforms like Facebook and Instagram, email marketing campaigns, content marketing, and even organic social media posts. By making the most of digital marketing, you are making the most of your marketing budget and can reach a wider range of audiences.

Real-Time Communication

Building a relationship with your client base and audience is key to growing your business and gaining repeat business. Interact in real-time with social media comments, messages, and reviews. Show customers that you care and value their thoughts, concerns, and insights. Even if there is a negative response, it is valuable feedback. Take a moment to listen, acknowledge the concern and reflect on how the issue can be positively addressed. Building a community is always beneficial to growing and building trust with a company.

Gin & Coffee can help with your company’s digital marketing presence. We will work with you to determine the best use of your marketing budget to gain the highest views of your business. We can help run email marketing campaigns, direct response marketing, and more. We are proud to be Facebook Certified Media Buying Professionals who can help your company with its digital marketing.

Interested in learning how we can help? Visit our website for more information or let’s set up a call!

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