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Debunking 6 Common Digital Marketing Myths

When it comes to digital marketing there are a ton of common misconceptions and myths about how it really works. Not having a clear understanding of how it all works and why a company should try these outlets, limits business and profits. Let’s clear up a few.

Myth 1: New Content isn’t Important, my current website is fine!

Wrong. That’s great your company has a website! You’re off to a great start. A website allows your clients and customers to learn about your business & products, but if that site hasn’t been updated since it was created back in 2015, it’s definitely time for a refresh!

New and updated content on your website shows your interest in keeping your customers & clients up to date on what your business has to offer. Make sure your website is optimized to be viewed on multiple devices comfortably and not just on a computer desktop.

Myth 2: I don’t have TIME to invest in Social Media

With more than 4.5 billion people on the internet, you might want to take some time. The outreach potential is massive even if you are only looking to reach a more local audience rather than a global audience. With a bit of research, or choosing to partner with a digital marketing agency, it only takes minutes to come up with a plan and schedule social media ads, engaging posts, and start email campaigns.

Myth 3: But I only need ONE Social Media Outlet

With all of the various outlets, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and more, why would you limit your business to only one? If people can’t find you, your company is missing out. Being on multiple outlets allows for greater visibility and broader sales/appointment potential.

But do some research. Just because there are many options, it doesn’t mean your company MUST be on all of them. One company might do really well on Facebook but not on LinkedIn because of its products/services. Your brand might gain a larger following on Instagram and not on Pinterest. Find the right outlet/s for your business and build your brand awareness!

Myth 4: But digital marketing doesn’t lead to physical sales

Having a social media presence and having an engaging community can definitely lead to more in-store sales or appointments based on the service or product you provide. 75% of local searches lead to more in-store/office visits. Having specialized and optimized SEO and ad material can lead to better success in local online searches, which creates higher in-store sales or appointments.

Creating an open and good vibing online presence also encourages customers to visit your store or office and expect that same feeling. When you engage with your audience as a real person and not a corporate robot, you build a stronger relationship and build a stronger brand. People want to work and engage with people. There are several strategies you can employ to lead to more in-store sales and office appointments and we can help!

Myth 5: Email Marketing is Dead.

Email marketing needs to be done correctly and not excessively, which comes off as spammy. And unless you’re making Loco Moco, no one really wants spam. Keeping clients aware of new products, important dates, and services is never a wasted effort. Be engaging with your content and consider running email-only specials that relate to your product or service.

Myth 6: Social Media Marketing Tactics just don’t drive bottom-line results.

There is more value beyond “engagement” and “brand equity” that social media marketing provides. It drives leads which create customers. Customers build loyalty to your company with repeat business and referrals to family and friends which creates new customers. This all leads to higher profits for your company.

  • 64% of buyers would rather engage with a brand through a message over social media rather than call customer service

  • 34% of consumers use social media to learn about a brand, products, and services

  • 70% of marketers use Facebook ads and there were 10 million active advertisers on the platform as of Q3 2021

We could list more stats, but the fact is social media does drive bottom-line results. It just takes using a targeted and optimized plan to see those results and working with an agency that can improve those results helps too.

We hope this cleared up at least some of the myths you may have believed about digital marketing and using social media to promote your business. It’s our goal to ensure quality service and to drive proven results.

Have any more concerns we can help clear up? Drop a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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